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Hello! My name is LaShannda. I'm a pet sitter, dog walker, and the founder of Four Paws & Exotics Pet Sitting. With decades of experience as a dog mom and an animal lover, I had a single mission in mind when I started this company; to provide the absolute best care for pets when their owners are away. At Four Paws & Exotics Pet Sitting, we understand how important routines are to pets, and the place they are most familiar with is their home.

As a long-time dog mom, whenever I had to leave my dogs to go on vacation, I would stress out. Not because I was concerned about missing my flight or forgetting to pack my toothbrush, but because my dogs never did well in boarding kennels. From drop off to pick up, my dogs would be anxious and stressed. In addition, I would hope that the boarding kennel was providing my dogs the individualized attention and care that I provided them. 

When I would pick them up, they would be shell-shocked and exhausted, making me feel guilty for going away in the first place. It would take me a week to get them back into their routines and have them feel settled again. It is these experiences that made me realize that the best environment for my dogs to be in when I am away is a place they are most familiar with - their home.

Whether you're going on that long-anticipated vacation, work long hours, or are gone for a couple of hours during the day, we're here to help. At Four Paws & Exotics Pet Sitting, we understand that pets require unique and individualized care that may not easily fit into a cookie-cutter routine. That's why we offer in-home pet sitting and private dog walking services to maintain your pet's daily routine and keep them feeling at ease. We work tirelessly to ensure that your pet not only feels comfortable in their surroundings, but also feels like they are getting all the love and attention they deserve.


Contact us today to schedule a free Meet & Greet and learn how we can help you and your pets.

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